In addition to Poplar plantations we can also create for you mixed broadleaf woodlands that will add value, diversity, wildlife habitats and environmental benefits to your landscape.

The Opportunity

  • Land Utilization.  Land which may be steep, remote or too challenging for conventional farming can often make very attractive woodland. Also wet areas or small fields that are harder to access with larger machinery.
  • Capital Grants.  Grants are available from the Forestry commission to promote tree planting.

The Poplar Tree Company…

  • Offers a free site appraisal.
  • Will apply for the grant and liase with all the relevant statutory bodies
  • Will use its experience and expertise to design a planting scheme to reflect the desires of the landowner and the requirements of the Forestry Commission.  The PTC has a very strong track record, built up over 20 years, in successfully applying for this type of grant
  • Will prepare the site and provide and plant these trees if the grant application is successful
  • Offers tree maintenance and weed control for the first 5 years.
  • Offers a unique Joint Venture partnership on suitable sites
  • Guarantees that losses will be replaced as necessary provided that the loss is not due to landowners negligence (details of the agreement are provided)

Your Questions Answered

Q. Does the whole area in the grant application have to be planted with trees?

A. You are allowed up to 20% of the area on which grant is paid for access and rides.

Q. Can I plant the crop myself and get advice from the Poplar Tree Company

A.  Yes, we are very flexible in how much or how little involvement we have.  Typically we can offer a management package of an annual visit plus unlimited telephone advice for £150/ site per year (+VAT)

Q. Can I manage the planted area myself?

A. Yes. If you do not decide to enter a joint venture then you can manage the site yourself. A Forestry Commission officer will inspect the trees from time to time and the planted area must be maintained to their satisfaction to be eligible for the 20% 5th year payment.

Q. How long does the area have to be committed to trees?

A. For mixed broadleaf this is normally 30 years

Q. Do I have to pay Income Tax on any revenue from the trees?

A. Sale of timber from farms is free of Income Tax under current legislation.

Q.  Is there a minimum area of land that I need to commit to tree planting to be eligible for the grant?

A.  Larger areas get higher points under the scoring system but an area of 3ha is a suitable size to aim for and this can be made up of smaller parcels within the same farm.

Q.  How should I get started?

A.  Just get in touch with the Poplar Tree Company on 01981 250253 or email on leaving contact details.