Convert small parcels of land to attractive woodland.

Many owners of small parcels of land would like to convert these areas to amenity woodland and the Poplar Tree Company can do this for you.

How is this possible?

There are Government Grants to encourage establishment of new woodland.

How much land do I need to qualify?

A minimum of 3ha (7.4acres) is all that is required and it need not all be in one patch though the individual pieces of land should be reasonably close together.

What species of trees are planted?

This is a joint decision between the landowner and the Forestry Commission. We usually recommend the use of trees that are native to the area such as Oak, Ash, Birch, Rowan, Hazel, etc.

The Poplar Tree Company makes the establishment of new woodland easy for you by:-

  • accessing Grants
  • liasing with the Forestry Commission and other agencies
  • providing trees
  • planting trees
  • installing rabbit guards, and
  • managing the trees for the vulnerable first five years.

One of our clients said “I couldn’t believe it could be this easy

The benefits of woodland are numerous and include:-

  • Recreational areas for adults and children and place for relaxation and exercise
  • Barbecue sites
  • Camping areas
  • Creation of new habitats and food for wildlife and birds, butterflies, bats, insects, beetles and small rodents for the food chain
  • Woodland flowers such as bluebells, wild garlic, wood anemone and primroses
  • A source of wood fuel for home heating
  • Enhances and adds value to property
  • Stand-alone woodlands are also a fast appreciating asset and sell for high prices
  • Helping to slow and mitigate climate change
  • Improving air quality
  • Slowing the flow of drainage water
  • Removing nitrates and other plant nutrients from drainage water
  • Providing shade

I am interested; how do I arrange to do this?

First, contact William Jackson (Forestry Manager) at The Poplar Tree Company by either of the following methods:-


Telephone: 01981 250253, or

Fax: 01981 251211

The Poplar Tree Company will then contact you to arrange a site visit to discuss the details with you and gather information. Thereafter we will take care of all the paperwork and application process.